Entry #2

Back on Newgrounds

2015-06-17 13:39:12 by cdr255

Hello all!

My name is Christopher Rodriguez, and I've been a user / lurker for a long time on Newgrounds. I made this account a while back (I'd lost my old one to age and absence) and never really did anything with it. I've decided that I want to change that.

I am a musician first and foremost, so I'll probably spend most of my time in the Audio Portal... but, I grew up on Newgrounds, so I am sure I'll be all over the place. If You like my stuff / want more, I have a website at: http://www.cdr255.com. For music junkies, I post more stuff (especially things I'm not quite comfortable with posting on the Portal) at my soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/cdr255.

Anyway, just wanted to push that old post (3 years ago, wow!) down a bit with some newer information. Glad to be back!


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2015-06-17 14:14:34

Hi Christopher! It's only been 3 years but a lot has changed on NG since you've been gone!
(I can breathe for the first time ;P)

What kind of music do you make/enjoy listening to? Same with me though, I totally grew up playing flash games and watching animations on here I figured I'd give it a shot only a few months ago. I don't know what it was like for you last time on here, but hopefully this time around it's even better which I'm sure it will be ^^

cdr255 responds:

Dang, yeah, looking around the site today I really noticed how much has changed 0_0. Gonna take some getting used to, I guess...

I listen to a lot of soundtracks, honestly. Video Games and Movies and Musicals and Operas. I love Early Music (like, renaissance stuff) and Traditional American and Irish stuff, too... as well as Metal (Groovy and Grunge-y stuff) and Jazz (As long as it isn't too far out), but now I am losing my focus. xD

I make a lot of MIDI Scores and Chip Music, and play the Lever Harp, Banjo, and Electric Bass (among other things).

How about You? What are Your favorite types of music to play/listen to? ^_^

Thanks for the well wishes! I've always liked Newgrounds for its community, and Your post reminded me of that. Hope You are having a great day! =D